Infrared BGA Rework Station

  • Original ACHI IR6000/ IR-6000 Infrared BGA Rework Station
Original ACHI IR6000/ IR-6000 Infrared BGA Rework Station
  • Model: ACHI IR6000
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Why buy ACHI IR6000 BGA rework station from tools-super ?

1.It is 100% original from ACHI factory, with garantted warranty. Technical support is always available.
2.It is worldwide shipping with factory price.

ACHI IR6000 outstanding features:

1.It is the cheapest infrared BGA rework station in the market,but it is being widely used in laptop, PS3, xBOX 360, cell phones,switches,graphics cards repair.

2. It uses advanced dark infrared technology, and can give more even heat during reworking.

3. It is with room saving and light design not only save your space but also save your shipping fees.

4. It is user friendly, if you are a starter, you can learn to use it in hours.

5. It can repair large size chips about 65x65mm, and rework the variety of CPU's seats, all kinds of shielding enclosures,replacement of various components slot in both lead free and leaded SMD field.

6. ACHI IR6000 can be connected with computer by built in PC RS232 serial port and realize computer control.

7. It uses closed-loop temperature control and sensitive temperature measurement sensor to ensure accurate temperature process and even heat distribution.

8. ACHI IR6000 is with linear guide type Bracket which can be locked and adjusted by rotating its handle,not only make PCB board fixing easy, but also effectively prevent the deformation of PCB board.

9. Because ACHI IR6000 is without hot air flow during working, the surrounding components will not be damaged that easy.

ACHI IR6000 technical details as below:




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